Software Development

You need to turn your idea into a reality. With 18 years of experience in all phases of the software development life cycle, you will get code designed for maintainability. This will reduce your overall cost, and leave you more options for future development.


I can work with any level of design, from napkin sketch to technical specifications, and ensure that the end result will meet your needs.


I will turn your design into a fully-tested, fully-documented, working product. The code will be safely stored in a source control solution, which provides you disaster recovery as well as access to multiple versions of your application code.

Enhancements/Bug fixes

If your application needs tweaking or troubleshooting, I can work with your existing code to add what you need, or fix what is broken. I have excellent, field-tested troubleshooting skills, and I enjoy untying knots and learning new ways to fix things.

Abandoned Code

If your original developer has become unavailable, I can also help you get your source code to a maintainable state. I also provide reverse engineering services for situations where your original source code is not available.